Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Suse Kipp

Suse read her poems, and made the audience hold their breath.
When she put out the light, some concertlike coughs were heard.
Minimal gestures, some close-up lighting,
a tabel and a lamp,
some sheets with poems,
and half an hour of beauty.
Danke Suse!

Arnaud Riviere

Amazing to see how sounds can be generated from the leftovers of a fleemarket.
Arnaud showed his wonderments and opened his storiebook,
even put some elements of swing,
and communicated surprisingly well with the poems that Suse Kipp read.
Merci Arnaud.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Irati Elorrieta Agirre

An eye for hidden stories,
for an unknown life in a new city,
wanderings, encounters,
a caring touch
and music that is interwoven with the images as sunlight filtered by the trees:
sometimes poetry doesn't need words.
Gracias Irati & danke Matthias!

Stephan Müller

Jumpy, playfull, fast and witty,
joyfull images,unexpected twists and an omnipresent alphabet,
Stephan Müller offered the audience a wild ride in a visual roaler coaster:
Danke Stephan!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Images telling a post industrial history,
hypnotizing words to tell a story,
layers of sound that rolled like waves
worked up to a mesmerising concert.
Merci syn-!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


U.N.D.O. from Paris rolled out the carpet.
Surrounded by easy chairs and sofa's they did a meticulous and humoristic set,
using cassettes, an old record player,
some hints of electronics
and voices from the street.
Merci Romuald et JP!

Lynda Arnold = Divasonic

Lynda opened the serie Sonnenuntergang an der Spree,
with a concert that brought visions of America's westcoast,
but also showed us how intimate the factory can be.
Thanks Lynda!